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The Games Hut 

The Home Of Original Spare Board Game Parts

The Games Hut -
Are You Missing A Board Game Part, And Need A Repla


Board Game Parts
A Photo of the Catan Board Game, showing the game board and game pieces
The Games Hut

The Games Hut Stocks Thousands Of Original  Board Game Parts 

If you've lost or damaged a board game part, we can replace it for you!


The Games Hut is based in the United Kingdom and we ship board game pieces worldwide.


We have over 15,000 original spare board game parts taken from more than 1,000 different board games - and our inventory grows daily.


We literally have thousands of original replacement board game parts from most manufactures including Waddingtons, Ideal, Hasbro, Parker, Spears, Peter Pan Playthings, Drumond Park and MB Games - and many more.


Using our cost effective service, we're ready to help you replace your missing or damaged board game pieces, so you can enjoy your game again.


Recycled Original Board Game Pieces
A photo of a Backgammon board with two dice
Replace Your Missing Board Game Pieces And Parts | The Games Hut

Don't Let Lost Or Damaged Board Game Parts Ruin Your Game Playing Enjoyment 

Losing a board game piece is a familiar problem all board game lovers can relate too


We've all sat down to play our favourite board game with family and friends, only to find out a part, or worse still, several game pieces were missing, or damaged.


This common problem is a very frustrating experience, and normally ends up in searching high and low for the missing game components. If a board game piece can't be found, it can make the game totally unplayable.


Sometimes we can try and poorly craft a replacement board game component, but this typically reduces the overall fun factor, and can result in us losing interest in playing the game for good. 


More than 5,000 customers have now used our service and they are now fully enjoying their board games again.


Original Board Game Parts
A photo of the board game called Sorry
Replace Your Missing Board Game Pieces And Parts | The Games Hut

Buy A Replacement Board Game Piece, Not A Replacement Game

There's many benefits in buying a replacement board game part

Before finding The Games Hut many of our customers said when a vital game piece had been lost, or destroyed by the family pet, they'd simply thrown the board game into the trash bin, and then went to the trouble and expense of buying a whole new game again.


The environmental and financial impact can't be underestimated, and finding a retailer who can supply original board game components, is a far more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative.

We have spare game parts and pieces from over 60 different editions of Monopoly and more than 20 different versions of Mousetrap. 


Our spare board game parts inventory grows every day and  and we can replace game pieces for your much loved modern and rare vintage board games.

Monopoly board and playing pieces
Replace Your Missing Board Game Pieces And Parts | The Games Hut

Find Out More About The Games Hut

Our Customers Love Us!

Our customers love what we do and how we do it. We have thousands of happy customers and many return back to us.  You can take a look at what our customers say about us. You can really rely on us to provide a first class service that will not disappoint.

Many customers contact us to ask questions about what we do and what we offer, and here are some of the commonly asked questions. But if you if you have a specific inquiry about a replacement board game piece you can contact us.


We also write regular blog articles, providing insights to the world of modern and vintage board games



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